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My Girl..

I knew this one particular girl back in London. Way back in 1997. Let’s call her My Girl. My Girl was 19 when I first met her. Her elder sister was a friend and her cousin was one of my housemate. She came over while I was playing pool in my hall of residence. Apparently, the only way how to get into that pool hall was through a window. The door was jammed up for repairs. So My Girl had to climb over the window ledge just to meet us guys. She was escorted by her cousin of course.

Everyone shook her hands and eagerly wanted to meet her. But I just stood there beside the pool table waiting and staring at her for a second. I didn’t even say hi. Just a nod of acknowledgement.

This of course led her to believe that I was cocky and arrogant.

My Girl was and very much is – very pretty. She is the sweetest of all things sweet. Like, eating cotton candy on a lazy Sunday afternoon in a cozy little funfair. You can enjoy her company without ever wanting it to end. Everytime she came to my apartment, nearly all guys would cram up my joint just to vie for her attention. I confess I was a tad bit jealous whenever she paid more attention to some of my friends.

I can’t think of a reason why later on she would be interested in me except maybe for the fact that I was quite funny.

Yeah I was My Girl’s little clown.

It was a brief period of romance. I wouldn’t exactly call it romance. Maybe a fling. No, a fling would be degrading. For a lack of a better word, let’s call it a romance nevertheless. Romancing My Girl was never easy. She was shy and I was quite reserved with my feelings. We just let things be. Big mistake. Never let things be. We should have taken action.

That was why the universe took control of our fates and decided that things will not be. But Easter holidays in ’98 was one of the best times I had during college days.

March turned to April, April turned to May. Before you know it, it was June already. The semester ended. So when the time came for us to say our goodbyes, it was like a sense total hopelessness. We parted ways, never to rekindle that once in a lifetime happiness. Although it was brief, it was perfect. Not too overpowering, yet not too subtle either.

It was just nice. I was the luckiest guy in the world.

She is married with two kids now. Two beautiful kids. And praise God I heard the third one is on the way..

Once, in a reckless moment of desire, I had fantasised about her running back to me and we start anew. But that would be too much to ask and knowing the gentle soul that she is, I am sure she will not be selfish.

I was and probably still is, the source of her escapism. I am the rock that when everything is not right in the world, I will be there as comfort. I am there to tell her that somebody is looking out for her.  That I will make her believe that all is not lost.


Maybe we shall never be with each other again in this lifetime.

Maybe we are who we are today because of that brief happy moment in our lives.

I have her deep in my heart. In that soft spot where memories of days of sunshine and laughter of those Easter days will rekindle sense of happiness whenever I think about her.

She is forever be, My Girl.

And I love her more than she think I could.


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Russia is one of my favourite country. Sometimes I wish I will marry a Russian babe. Preferably one that is delivered by mail order. Right to my doorsteps. Bow tied with a smile on her face. How sweet and romantic that would’ve been?!

After surfing countless hours on the web for Russian women (no I did not surf child porn. But Adult porn is okay I guess), I found this very interesting news:


Can you imagine having a hot, single woman as a politician? Wow! Why can’t we have it here in Malaysia?  Maria Sergeyeva looks more like a Bond Girl than Vladimir Putin could as James Bond. How can you not vote for this woman?

Sultry Maria Sergeyeva

Sultry Maria Sergeyeva in her better photo

I think all the horny men in Russia will lustfully sincerely approve Putin’s latest political manoeuvre. With one swig of the vodka, he will have the support of all men and young girls in Russia.

Closer to home, in Singapore, they had an MP by the name Eunice Olsen. She was Miss Universe Singapore in 2000!

Renungan menggoda bakal PM Singapore

Renungan menggoda bakal PM Singapore

She made her debut in Singapore Parliament in 2004. She performed well during the debates and made all supermodels around the world proud of her achievements. Imagine, Lee Kuan Yew and son purposely made her an MP. Why?

That’s right. To be in touch with the young voters. Do not underestimate the power of trivialities (and sexual attraction). These political manouevres, which may seem redundant and farcical, will have HUGE impact in the voting trends.

In 2006 General Elections, Singapore Government won 75% of the popular votes. Menang besar woo..!

So okay, what can we learn from all this?

I think we need to elect a couple of hot babes in the political scene. Popular babes. Not the ones like we have now:

vote for us!!

vote for us!! *

Ini bukan hot babes.. ini TAK SELERA BEB!

Solution? Appoint the babes below as senators. Make them appear in Parliament. Make them discuss their views amongst the parliamentarians. Just like how Eunice Olsen did here. I will be the first in line to vote for the party they are representing. Yeeehaaaa!

Maya Karin

Senator Maya Karin



Stephanie Chai

Senator Stephanie Chai

Senator Wardina Saffiya

Senator Wardina Saffiya


Senator Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

Senator Datuk Siti Nurhaliza (alahai kiutnya...)

* minta maaf kepada Azwan Ali kerana saya dengan sengaja meletak gambarnya di situ 🙂

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The Government just announced a RM60 billion stimulus package yesterday. In the olden days, stimulus package was (in)famously known as government bailouts.

In 1998, the government spent about RM40 billion to stimulate the economy. In reality, it was to bail out the commercial banks from the crushing weight of the non performing loans.

Non performing loans simply means – dah pinjam duit bank, tak boleh nak bayar pulak. Sungguh keji sekali.

This year in 2009, the government will once again bail out the stuttering Malaysian economy by pumping money into specific areas within the economic infrastructures.

Do we actually have that amount of money? Probably. Mana mau korek RM60 billion? At first glance, it should not be a problem because the government’s instruments such as KWSP, KWAP, PNB etc are all cash cows that can be swiftly turned into sacrifical cows any time we want.

KWSP last I heard, is hoarding about RM300 billion of our money in its belly. Time to regurgitate it my friend!

So there. We do have some money from our savings after all. But, the niggling problem is, are we willing to impart that money to be given to someone else? It’s selfishness vs. social obligation.

Since the stimulus package is being tabled in Parliament, every living MP must debate the pro and cons of that package till everyone has covered every loophole, and every nook and cranny too.

MP ni pulak, jangan la nak ponteng ponteng tak datang. Where are your promises to the rakyat? Pemalas!

In any case, I’d rather have the very stimulating package below than the package that they announced yesterday…

My dream package

My dream package

By the way, below is Najib’s personal stimulating package that ease his worries away… everyday.

The RM60 billion package cause the fat lady to sing

The RM60 billion package caused the fat lady to sing

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Chairil Anwar

8 biographies I have read. 8 lifetimes of famous people. 8 riveting and awe-inspiring journeys through hardships of life. Only 2 stood out from the rest. Che Guevara’s and Chairil Anwar’s.

You already know who Che Guevara is. An icon. A rebel. A revolutionary leader. A legend. In 1959, he helped Fidel Castro seize power in Cuba. Captured and executed without trial in the middle of jungle by the Bolivians with the help of CIA in 1967. His now famous last words – ‘Shoot, coward. You only going to kill a man’ is fucking brilliant.

Chairil Anwar

Chairil Anwar

But today is not Che Guevara’s day. Today is Chairil Anwar’s day. It’s not his official day though. I’m making today the Unofficial Chairil Anwar day because I just finished reading a book about him. I really wanna pay my respect to the man who changed the history of South East Asia during the days before your parents were born.

He was an Indonesian poet. Born in 1922. Died at the age of 27 in 1949. His poems inspired millions of his people. Especially the one entitled ‘Aku’ which was interpreted as a call to arms to gain independence. Millions took to the streets chanting his name. Now who wouldn’t be inspired and have goosebumps reading this piece below?


Kalau sampai waktuku
‘Ku mau tak seorang kan merayu
Tidak juga kau
Tak perlu sedu sedan itu

Aku ini binatang jalang
Dari kumpulannya terbuang

Biar peluru menembus kulitku
Aku tetap meradang menerjang
Luka dan bisa kubawa berlari


Hingga hilang pedih peri
Dan aku akan lebih tidak perduli

Aku mau hidup seribu tahun lagi

Damn! He wrote that at the age of 21! – 6 years before Indonesia gained her independence. His death came just 4 months before he could see his country being freed by it’s colonial masters.

Which put things into perspective innit? It’s making our puny lives and problems seem so insignificant. Now what have we really done for our country when we were 21? How about at 27? At 31, Che Guevara was already a leader in Cuba. What can we show for at the end of our journey???

Buck up you Son of a Pistol! You gotta do better than this!

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